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12 Low Carb Sweet Treats for Breakfast

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and one of the most challenging aspects of eating low carb and sugar-free is cutting out sweet treats in the morning. Fear no more! This collection of 12 recipes will give you a variety of options to ensure you are able to satisfy that craving for a pastry, muffin, or breakfast bread to go along with a nice, hot cup of coffee. These are the kind of foods that you can eat with one hand so you can balance your beverage in the other: early morning multi-taking for those of us that like to take it slow.

12 Low Carb Sweet Treats for Breakfast

On a chilly morning, there is nothing more satisfying than curling up on the coach with a blanket, cup of coffee or tea in one hand, and a sweet treat in the other. This collection of gluten-free, low carb sweet treats provides a list of tried-and-true favorites to add to your recipe box. Whip of any one of these amazing recipes to compliment your favorite warm beverage to start your day off right.

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