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Switching from a Standard American Diet to a low-carb, keto, gluten-free, or sugar-free diet can be incredibly intimidating. You’ve eaten the same way for possibly decades, so you need an education before launching into a complete lifestyle shift. Also, there is quite a bit of bad or misleading literature out there. People often think I drink glasses full of melted butter or swim in a pool of cheese all day. Get your facts straight before making mistakes that could actually impact your health in negative ways.

Be a discerning consumer: read, read, read. Question what you read and read more. The best recipe for success is to learn as much as you can before just jumping into something headfirst without any real understanding. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it likely will not work or it won’t be sustainable for your lifestyle. There are no easy fixes; if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. As a foodie and avid home cook, I was so worried that I would have to break up with food; I just had to re-imagine my relationship with it. All this “book learning” helped me to do just that.

Low Carb Resources, Books, & Blogs

Maria Emmerich

No joke, this lady knows her stuff. Her understanding of the science behind the keto diet is unparalleled; plus, she makes it easy to understand for the rest of us. Maria has wonderful programming on her site, tons of resources, and an impressive collection of cookbooks. I have not found a bad recipe in her arsenal. She is, hands down, my go-to. If you buy nothing else, her “Keto” book is one of the best resources out there for understanding the science behind this diet.

My top three favorite books from Maria Emmerich

Dr. Jason Fung

The Obesity Code

Why would I recommend a book by a Canadian doctor studying Type-2 diabetes? A friend of mine passed this book along when she started her health journey because her needs were directly rooted in trying to manage her diagnosis and weight. The science in this book is fascinating and really changed my mindset about what the body does and how the addiction to sugar and carbohydrates has altered our metabolic process. A fascinating read!

Bloggers to Know

Below is a list of bloggers who are doing some amazing work creating recipes and educating others about low carb, keto, sugar-free, or gluten-free eating. Reading these blogs and trying recipes has given me such an understanding of how to cook and adjust my eating habits. Consider scoping out these blogs for ideas and inspiration.

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