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35 Easy Low Carb Soups & Stews

In the mood for a warm bowl of soup? This collection of 35 Low Carb Soups & Stews provides a treasure-trove of recipes for gluten-free, low carb, or keto diets. Easy, comfort food recipes that won’t skimp on flavor, these low carb soup options won’t disappoint!

35 Low Carb Soups & Stews

Whether it's a chilly and rainy day, or you have a cold, or you simply need a break from heavy eating, soups have the power the comfort, soothe, and fill you up. The flavor and ingredient combinations are endless. This collection features thirty-five utterly delicious low carb soups and stews to keep you cozy all winter long.


Sometimes you need a break from meat. These vegetarian-friendly soups (you may need to swap out broth/stock) let the garden harvest shine!

Chicken or Pork

A bevy of flavors and cuisines all starring your favorite "white" meats.

Beef or Lamb

Hearty and satisfying, beef or lamb based soups or stews always hit the spot.


Seafood soups and stews always provide intense and inventive flavor combinations.

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